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World Cup Qualifying Match Results – 8 June 2009

Welcome the First 4 Nations Qualifying for the World Cup 2010

After the recent round of Qualifying Matches for the 2010 World Cup, Fours Nations have booked their place for the 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa.

Netherlands became the first European nation to qualify for the World Cup. Playing in a relatively easier group the Dutch have won all of their Qualifying encounters. With the 2-1 win at Iceland on 6th June they cemented their berth.

australia-qatarAustralia also booked a place in the mega soccer event for the second time drawing their world cup qualifying tie with Qatar. Australian defense has been quite remarkable during all of their qualifying matches but it is yet to be tested against the other European and South American giants.

Japan qualified for the World Cup 2010 for the second time beating Uzbekistan by a lone goal from Shinji Okazaki. Japan came second after Australia in the Group 1 of the Asian Qualifiers owing to a poor goal difference.

South Korea will be making their seventh consecutive appearance in the World Cup following their complete 2-0 victory over UAE. The Koreans didn’t lose any game and have scored all high 11 goals in their march to the World Cup.

England thrash Kazakhstan 4-0


Emily Heskey in Action Against Kazakh defender

Wayne Rooney, Gareth Barry, Emile Heskey and Frank Lampard struck for England as England inched closer to World Cup qualification. England has now dominated the group with 6-0 win / loss record. Heskey paired up with Rooney to forge a winning strike duo for England  which we might be seeing more as the tournament progresses. Now a veteran caimpaigner for England, Heskey has tipped Rooney to become the best striker in the World.

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2010 Soccer World Cup Qualifying Matches-South America

Soccer Fans

Soccer Fans

Who Takes the Hot Seat?

Two rounds of world cup qualifying matches in South America are over. No big surprises yet. Paraguay tops the group with 23 points; Brazil is second with 17 points, followed by Argentina with 16 points. These countries have always been there at the world cup. It is all about the hot seat now.

Hopes of Soccer fans from rest of the South America have not faded as yet. They all are prepared to book their soccer packages once their teams qualify. Mathematically all the teams are in a chance to qualify for the world cup. But at the moment Uruguay is just on the verge of edging out Ecuador. Uruguay is the front runner with 13 points but closely followed by Ecuador with 12 points and Colombia with 11 points.

Chile is also in contention but Ecuador is not the bad team either. Losing to Venezuela didn’t hurt their reputation but a disastrous show against Brazil must have been demoralizing.

Never mind there are still many games to go.

Abidjan Tragedy-2010 Soccer World Cup Qualifying Matches

Abidjan Tragedy

Abidjan Tragedy

GHOST of Soccer Comes Again!

The soccer is one of the most loved games on earth but ironically it is the game which has witnessed the most number of tragedies as well.
It was just another day or was it?! Not really, the ghost of soccer tragedies came back as perhaps it never left the stadiums. This time it was the turn of Abidjan, the city saw the death of 19 soccer fans and 132 injured in the crush at the national stadium. These are the official figures. Unfortunately, the real count could be higher. The incident occurred when a wall collapsed at the stadium shortly before Ivory Coast beat Malawi 5-0 in the Soccer World Cup Qualifying Match. The tragedy was caused by overcrowding. 50,000 people were packed in the 35,000 capacity stadium and police didn’t help the cause, it used tear gases which only added to the panic. Nobody knows what it would take to prevent these tragedies for happening time and again.

An inquiry has been opened into Sunday’s tragedy at the Felix Houphouet-Boigany Stadium but as far as people are concerned they are fed up of this soccer mourning every now and then. No lessons learnt! People come here for joy and saw tragedies happening and then they don’t go back home ever again. You will see bodies of 10 year old to 60 year old all over. Is this Soccer we live for? We are not buying soccer tickets but we are buying untimely and trageic death. We don’t want anybody to suffer. We don’t want our family members and friends to die. But anybody listening?! The worst part of it is in few days everything will be forgotten only to allow it to happen again at some other place at some other time. This Ghost will keep haunting the stadiums and as soccer loving people we should be mentally and physically prepared, it might happen to us sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile an emergency meeting has been called on the next day, presided over by Prime Minister Guillaume Soro. A Crisis Unit has been set up to deal with the tragedy.

It is important that such tragic happenings do not take place any more. Soccer is a beautiful game and it certainly deserves better.

2010 Soccer World Cup-SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa 2010 Soccer World Cup

South Africa 2010 Soccer World Cup

South Africa Awaits!

It is time for 2010 Soccer World Cup but Soccer Fever has just started to build up. Soccer is in full swing as every day some dramatic things are happening. Argentina has been humbled by Bolivia recently and on the other part of the world Australians have started packing there bags also. I am pretty sure that this time around too Soccer World Cup would be a great spectacle to watch. I was never a great fan of this game. I didn’t saw the magician Pele but I have seen Maradona play and since then I have never missed any of the football matches during previous World Cups but have seen them on television only. Sometimes I did manage to get to the stadiums, thanks to my friends who always sponsored my soccer tickets. The thrill of watching football matches live in the stadium is such an adventurous experience in itself which is difficult to explain. You have to be there to experience it but yes getting to the stadium is another story.

The way soccer fans have been queuing up for the soccer tickets and soccer packages around the world is amazing. It seems the whole world is getting ready for an African Safari in South Africa and why not, it is a beautiful country, isn’t it! We all have loyalties to our teams but at least I am sure of one thing that even I spent way over for my World Cup Trip, I won’t be repenting. You must be quite aware of the MLS standings this season, few glorious matches have already been played and Soccer has  just started working on the mind and the way World Cup Qualifying Matches are going, I can assure you the stage has been set perfectly for the upcoming grand spectacle.

Soccer fans have started bidding for the 2010 World Cup as FIFA has received more than 1.6 million requests from 205 countries. Apparently 2010 Soccer World Cup is not that far as it seems. The tickets will be allocated in a lottery on April 15. Well I am going to stay away from this lottery stuff. Baring in mind the recent economic conditions and the rush that has already started building up I have decided to book my Soccer Tickets and Travel Packages with WorldFootballTravel.com for my most awaited Soccer Trip to the African Continent.

World Football Travel.com has added new Tickets and Travel Packages to suit the needs of soccer fans from all over the world. They are also providing some combo offers and I guess bulk tickets for the Soccer World Cup Matches would be even cheaper and affordable for every body coming from different cultural and financial backgrounds. I am not really worrying too much about my soccer tickets and travel packages. I know WFT for a long time. It is one of the best service providers for World Soccer Travel. No matter which country, which city and which stadium is hosting the football match, World Football Travel will take you their without any inconvenience. Not only tickets but also seating arrangements in the stadiums and accommodations in the respective cities are also managed by WFT. They have been doing it in the past for many years and for so many tournaments including English Premier League, Champions League, UEFA Cup, Manchester United Games, US Major League Soccer and many more.

So if you want a memorable soccer trip to this picturesque nation of Africa make sure you get in touch with WorldFootballTravel.com well in advance to book your Soccer Tickets and Travel Packages. And no more last minute hassles, missing tickets and bad accommodations only the thrill of 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup.
See you in South Africa!

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Australia vs Uzbekistan-2010 Soccer World Cup Qualifying Matches



Here Come the SOCCEROOS!

The Australian National Football Team nicknamed as the “Socceroos” is almost there. The Australian team could be the first team to qualify for the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa.
Since 2006 Soccer World Cup Australians are riding on a wave which perhaps will see them through as the first qualifying team for the 2010 World Cup. Apart from putting there act together it will be also some combination of stats which will help them in the cause.

It is just a matter of 3 points now and Australia could be the first team heading South Africa if Pim Verbeek’s side defeats Uzbekistan at ANZ Stadium tonight and expect Bahrain and Qatar to draw their qualifying matches in Manama 5 hours later. This combination of results will ensure that the Socceroos cannot get worst than the second position in their Asian Group A and therefore guaranteeing it to be the first team for the African Safari.

The tough job has been done and Socceroos will be relaxed this time. So for this match do you think they will go with 6 Strikers on the field? I guess you are asking too much for your soccer tickets. Well, Socceroos are not that relaxed. It won’t be a do or die match for the Australians but in no way it means that it would be any less exciting. Around 60, 000 spectators are expected to watch the grand spectacle as the grueling workouts of the team for the past 15 months lead them to the Grand Soccer Event.


The Friendly City as it has been nicknamed is all set to justify its name as the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup arrives on the land. The Windy City stretches 16 kilometers along Algoa Bay which is also one of the major seaports of South Africa.

Population – Approximately 1, 244,900
Area – 1, 845 Square Kilometers
Population Density – 813 Inhabitants per Square Kilometer

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The Friendly City is approximately 770 kilometers from Cape Town and is situated in the Eastern Cape Province. Port Elizabeth offers a diverse selection of attractions as a family-fun holiday destination including scenic nature trails, historic heritage, magnificent wildlife, cultural experiences and countless water sport activities. It is a beautiful tourist destination and is famous for its Sunshine, Clean Sandy Beaches and Buzzing Night Life. Once you arrive here you will have plenty of options to choose for your entertainment. For the more adventurous people, they can go for Scuba-Diving and see shipwrecks, coral reefs and beautifully colored fishes in the warm waters and it has to be a must in yourPort Elizabeth 2010 Soccer World Cup Packages. People having interests in the wild life can go for a Safari experience. There is an exclusive private Shamwari Game Reserve, the home to Africa’s Big Five, just about 73 kilometers from the main city. You can always visit parks to have a good time with your family and friends. St. Georges Park is one of the largest (73 hectares) and major tourist attractions. Settlers Park is another option that you would like to pay a visit at least once which includes 54 hectares of cultivated and natural gardens in the valley of the Baakens River, with many native plants and flowers attracting many colorful birds.

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

Port Elizabeth is looking forward to have a newly constructed stadium as the Soccer World Cup arrives in this beautiful port of South Africa. Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium will be one of the most high-tech and modern venues for the upcoming grand event. The stadium has a seating capacity of 49, 500 and will be hosting seven matches including one of the semifinals. The stadium is located approximately 2 kilometers from the cost or just a 15 minutes drive from the main city.

2010 Soccer World Cup-The Mascot

The Number 19th Arrives – The 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup begins on 11th June 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Cities which will be hosting the prestigious tournament would be Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Rustenburg and make sure your travel packages do include at least one of these beautiful places.

Zakumi, The Mascot

Zakumi, The Mascot

The Mascot
Here is Zakumi, the entertainer of the 2010 Football Party to welcome guests from all over the world. As you touch the coastline of the beautiful South African country he would be there to take you dancing down to the stadiums and when you leave with the glorious memories of what you have witnessed, he would be there to sign you off as well.