World Cup 2010 Official Anthem by AKON ??

According to some news floating around the Blogosphere and over some other sites like, American R&B


Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara AKON

singer/songwriter/producer AKON might be recording for the Official 2010 Soccer World Cup Theme song.

In an interview with the he said, “I’ve been hired as musical director for the World Cup. I will be overseeing the World Cup anthem and music at the ceremonies and I’m off to South Africa this week for meetings. I love soccer so it’s a great honour.”

FIFA is still to announce its pick for the Official Soccer World Cup Anthem and I have a feeling it might be going in for some African flavour. AKON is of Senegalese origin with a strong South African connection, hence a case for him.

Lets just hope that going against the history of some lousy selection for the Anthmes in previous world cups, FIFA picks a “Gem” this time around.


3 responses to “World Cup 2010 Official Anthem by AKON ??

  1. Phindile Goqwana

    It will be degrading to our South African musos to have someone from outside our country to me a musical director for an event, hosted in our beloved country. This is undermining the calibre of the local talent…..

  2. R ‘n’ B musician Akon has always be popular among teens. Like an elite athlete he has always hard-wired himself to reach a goal and then, having achieved it he has raised the bar even higher for himself. So watch out world.

  3. Yes, I think Akon is proper for this.

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