Argentina vs Bolivia-2010 Soccer World Cup Qualifying Matches

Maradona Lost His 100% Record As Coach

Maradona Lost His 100% Record As Coach

Maradona Stabbed in the Heart!

Oh! Please, don’t take it literally but it would have been the experience for Maradona when his beloved country was stunned by Bolivia 6-1. Maradona would have never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would live on to watch this happening to him.

The awesome striker of 80’s who took his team to the Soccer World Cup Victory in 1986 ironically witnessed the most humiliating defeats in 60 Years at the hand of the Bolivians. It was just not that his team lost, he lost his 100% record too.

The only solace that the Argentine can afford to have is that they should have been at this altitude only for trekking rather than playing football. At such a high altitude of 3600 meters above sea level in the Bolivian Mountains, Diego Maradona was just present there to witness the great fall of his team from those great heights.

Bolivian Striker Joaquin Botero showed no mercy and scored a hat-trick as Marcelo Martins, Alex da Rosa and Didi Torrico also added to the misery of Argentina. Martins put Bolivia on course in just the 12th minute of the game. Argentina hit back in the 25th minute when Luis Gonzalez scored for the visitors but thereafter Argentina was on the field only to be crushed by the rampaging Bolivians who gave every penny back to their fans they had spent on soccer tickets.

Diego Maradona was the captain when he led his team to World Cup win over West Germany in 1986 and ironically he is the coach when his team suffered one of the most humiliating defeats. Breathless Maradona in his own words; “Every Bolivia goal was a stab in my heart.”


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