England vs Ukraine-2010 Soccer World Cup Qualifying Matches


England Soccer Team

England Soccer Team

It doesn’t matter if it is not cricket. The Rivalry among these two high profile nations is just the same. As expected the Socceroos won the match against Uzbekistan 2-0. Australians have to wait just for a while before they secure their trip to South Africa. Mathematics some times work for you and some times spoils your party too. Bahrain has beaten Qatar 1-0 and they are too in the race, well…mathematically at least. So Australians will be waiting for another two months before they start packing for the trip. Even if Australia loses in Qatar in Doha on June 6, they have two games remaining against Bahrain and Japan to assure back to back appearances in the Soccer World Cup.

Meanwhile England have also all the plans of joining the Socceroos on the same bus to South Africa. And who talks about cricket here. Football pitch is going to decide who the Boss is. Peter Crouch and John Terry just kept England on the right track by beating Ukraine 2-1. But why do they always try so desperately to wake up only when hit hard. The match was a nail biting finish and Ukrainians had almost drawn the match. Perhaps this time Ukrainians were in a mood of presenting a gift for the English Team and thanks to their poor defending they managed to do it easily. It wasn’t a match you would buy soccer tickets for. England did not win the match but Ukraine has lost it. But who cares! At the end of the day, a win is a win and that’s what England has done five times out of five.


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