Australia vs Uzbekistan-2010 Soccer World Cup Qualifying Matches



Here Come the SOCCEROOS!

The Australian National Football Team nicknamed as the “Socceroos” is almost there. The Australian team could be the first team to qualify for the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa.
Since 2006 Soccer World Cup Australians are riding on a wave which perhaps will see them through as the first qualifying team for the 2010 World Cup. Apart from putting there act together it will be also some combination of stats which will help them in the cause.

It is just a matter of 3 points now and Australia could be the first team heading South Africa if Pim Verbeek’s side defeats Uzbekistan at ANZ Stadium tonight and expect Bahrain and Qatar to draw their qualifying matches in Manama 5 hours later. This combination of results will ensure that the Socceroos cannot get worst than the second position in their Asian Group A and therefore guaranteeing it to be the first team for the African Safari.

The tough job has been done and Socceroos will be relaxed this time. So for this match do you think they will go with 6 Strikers on the field? I guess you are asking too much for your soccer tickets. Well, Socceroos are not that relaxed. It won’t be a do or die match for the Australians but in no way it means that it would be any less exciting. Around 60, 000 spectators are expected to watch the grand spectacle as the grueling workouts of the team for the past 15 months lead them to the Grand Soccer Event.


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    Good review mate very clear and easy to read.

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